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**Payment is due at time of service**
We accept payment of cash, personal check, and credit card.

( Pet Sitting in your home rates )

5 miles or less
6 to 10 miles
1-3 Pets
1-3 Pets
4-6 Pets
4-6 Pets
7-10 Pets
7-10 Pets

Pet Sitting:
* Lots of LOVE for your pet
* Fresh food and water
* Brushing and combing
* Clean pet dishes
* Scoop kitty litter boxes
* Clean up any pet messes
* Give medications and vitamins
* Water plants
* Take out trash
* Bring in mail
* Reverse lights
* Home security check
Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding: Priced per calendar day = I.e: You drop off @ 9am Friday, and pick up 9am Saturday it is counted as 2 days. We do not charge extra for doggie daycare (playtime)
One Dog Per Day
Each additional

 Long term dog boarding is available - call for prices.
(30 days or more)
Dog Boarding Requirements:
Up-to-date shot records are required for boarding in my home. Your dog also needs to be up-to-date on it's Bordatella shot, and flea and tick control.

* We only board dogs in our home. Cats and other animals will be a pet sitting visit to your home.
Dog Boarding:
* 24 hour care
* Lots of LOVE for your dog 
* Fresh food and water
* Give medications and vitamins
* Free out door play time
* Make new friends
* Play games
* Exit bath $10 for S/$15 for M/$20 for L/$25 for XL
* Treats
Doggie Daycare: 20.00 for each Dog
* Lots of LOVE for your pet
* 6 hours max                               
* Fresh food and water
* Outdoor play time
* Make new friends
* Play games
Dog Walks: 20.00 for the first dog. Each Additional 10.00.
* 30 minute Dog walk
* Fresh food and water
* Clean up any messes
Pet Taxi: 20.00 up to 2 Pets.
Each Additional Pet 15.00 Up to 1 hour. With in 10 miles
* Pick up and drop off to vets 
* Groomers
* Pet store
* Dog park
* supplies

Pet food and supply delivery: 20.00 With in 10 miles of your place. More then 10 miles $1 a mile

Weekly trips to Pets Mart, or vets to pick up supplies and food.
Fish And Small Animals: 20.00 Per Visit. ( Flat Rate)

Dogs and cats aren't the only pets, I care for. I also love looking after fish, birds, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, sugar gliders.....


Holiday Rates: Extra charge of 10.00 per day
(not per visit) for pet sitting/dog boarding on the following holidays...
* Labor Day weekend
* Thanksgiving weekend
* Christmas (12/23-12/26)
* New Years Eve
* New Years Day
* Easter weekend
* Mother's Day
* Memorial Day weekend
* Father's Day
* July 4th weekend